Entry 4 - That's Amore

Hello viewer! Thanks for taking time to read this, it'll help you actually make sense of what you're about to see (or already saw and are questioning).

First and foremost, "That's Amore" was intended to be a dance with lightsabers, not a duel in the strictest sense. Also, the style of choreographing is that which is done on-location, not ahead of time, so a strict choreography video is out of the question. Therefore, the video included is much like what I did to convince Ashley to participate- myself acting out what my end of the duel would roughly look like, not a swing-for-swing "verbatim" report on the choreography.

I hope that this is acceptable to you, the viewer, as a substitute for a more conventional choreography video.


~Andrew "DarthArjuna" Hookway.