The Unofficial Lightsaber Choreography Competition Archive

This unofficial Lightsaber Choreography Competition Archive was created in 2008 to collect as many LCC entries, associated files, and background information as possible together in one place. I figured that the work people put into their entries deserved some preservation and presentation.

This site is in no way endorsed by or associated with TheForce.Net or any of the LCC organizers.

The layout design is roughly based on the LCC 3 distribution page layout as hosted by Verias in 2005 at

I would like to thank the following sources for files: - The Lightsaber Choreography Contest homepage - Home of the Sound Bunker and other fan media files
TheForce.Net Fan Films - Home of some of the more venerable fan films
As well, some individuals sent me files they still had available.

Some useful resources for your own lightsaber duel or Fan Film:
The Force.Net Fan Film Forums - The largest Star Wars Fan Film forum
How To Make Lightsabers - From props to compositing
Filmaking Tutorials, Resources, Etc. - Everything other than Lightsabers
TheForce.Net Fan Films - Scroll down to Filmmaking
Lightsaber Sound Pack - file of lightsaber sounds (73mb)
Sabershop - Sells high quality stunt lightsabers and blades

If you have any files related to the LCCs that are not already on this site, please contact -Phi- on the TFN boards by Private Message, or by email at [email protected].