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LCC 8 ran from June to September 2010. Judging and commentary was provided by the Down In Front crew and prizes for first place were provided by SaberShop. The judges ranked Entry 13 (Rivals) 1st, Entry 8 (JediPastor) 2nd, and Entry 12 (Duel of the Dorks) and Entry 14 (Constantine Razumnov) tied for  3rd.  The popular vote was similar, with Entry 13 (Rivals) winning 1st, Entry 8 (JediPastor) 2nd, and Entry 12 (Duel of the Dorks) 3rd.

LCC VIII Thread | Entries on Vimeo | Popular Vote Results

Download 1-7 (.zip 295mb)
Download 8-14 (.zip 311mb)

8 - 01 Entry 1
Dennis Engelhard, Jörg Theobald, and Vanessa Theobald
Entry (46mb)
8 - 02 Entry 2 - Farmer in the Sky
White Hawk Productions
Nathan Richling, Gavin Smith, Dylan Wagner, and Kyle Wagner
Entry (42mb)
Higher Quality (YouTube)
8 - 03 Entry 3
Brendon Boucher,  Jeff Hibbert, and Jamie Dufault
Entry (50mb)
Bloopers (41mb)
8 - 04 Entry 4 - Mike vs Marshall
In A Dark Fire Productions
Michael Hansen and Marshall Revel
Entry (48mb)
8 - 05 Entry 5 - Manhunt
CapiGayle Productions
Christian Gayle, Andy Capistrant, John Capistrant
Entry (34mb)
Remastered (Vimeo)
8 - 06 Entry 6
Drew More and N.A. Kjos
Entry (44mb)
8 - 07 Entry 7
Maxwell Swet, Micah Swet, and Carlise Swet
Entry (46mb)
Full Version HD (Vimeo)
Bloopers (Vimeo)
8 - 08 Entry 8 - The Full Measure of Devotion
Bryan Sadler, Scott Garcia, Zac Jordan et. al.
Entry (46mb)
8 - 09 Entry 9 - The Assassin
John Sullivan, Kerilynn Sullivan, Jonathan Dubrowski, and Christopher Ostenrieder
Entry (51mb)
8 - 10 Entry 10 - Xander vs. Will
Hydroxygen Films
Xander Moffatt, Will Rotor
Entry (27mb)
8 - 11 Entry 11 - Shank the Maker
The North Ridge Star Wars FanForce and
Key Pixel Gathering of Filmmakers
Bryan Patrick Stoyle et. al.
Entry (48mb)
Website | Website
8 - 12 Entry 12 - Duel of the Dorks
Nate Caauwe, Tim Sazama, and Leigh Stoffer
Entry (58mb) | High Definition (305mb)
Teaser (YouTube) | Before and After (Vimeo)
Behind the Scenes (Vimeo)
VFX Breakdown (Vimeo)
8 - 13 Entry 13 - Rivals
Eric Whiteley, Aaron Elliott, and Shane Farley
Entry (49mb)
Blooper Reel (YouTube)
8 - 14 Entry 14 - Across the Darkness
Constantine Razumnov
Entry (38mb)
Down In Front Logo Judges' Commentary
Down In Front
Teague Chrystie, Eddie Doty, Brian Finifter, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Trey Stokes, and Ryan Wieber
Video (YouTube) | Podcast (.mp3 60mb)
LCC8 Bumper Unabridged Bumper
Ricardo Elliott
Video (Vimeo)
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