The Unofficial Lightsaber Choreography Competition Archive


LCC 9 ran from June to September 2011. Judging and commentary was provided for the second time by the Down In Front crew and first place prize was two Novus lightsabers from SaberShop. The judges ranked Entry 1 (The Glove) 1st, Entry 5 (The Fight Inside) 2nd, and Entry 4 (Tala-Naar Dotar vs Lord Rodern) 3rd. The popular vote results gave, with Entry 1 (The Glove) first, Entry 5 (The Fght Inside) second, and Entry 7 (Novices and Novi) third.

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Download 1-8 (.zip 350mb)

9 - 01 Entry 1 - The Glove
Spiffy Productions
Sabeel Ansari, Steve White, and Sylvia White
Entry (50mb)
High Definition (YouTube)
9 - 02 Entry 2
Brendon Boucher, Jeff Hibbert, Clifford Grimm, and John Hibbert
Entry (29mb)
Behind the Scenes (44mb)
9 - 03 Entry 3 - Trapped
CapiGayle Productions
Christian Gayle and Andy Capistrant
Entry (40mb)
9 - 04 Entry 4 - Tala-Naar Dotar vs Lord Rodern
Radek Smetana, Marek Bukovský, Alexandra Smetanová, and Michal Černý
Entry (48mb)
9 - 05 Entry 5 - The Fight Inside
Micah Swet, Maxwell Swet, and Carlise Swet
Entry (50mb)
High Definition (Vimeo)
Bloopers (Vimeo)
9 - 06 Entry 6 - Inversions
Joel Loukus, W. Tyr Rollins, Matthew Clements, and Denise Loukus
Entry (45mb)
High Definition (Vimeo)
9 - 07 Entry 7 - Novices and Novi
Joy Farley, Melanie Kinker, Eric Whiteley, Shane Farley, and Aaron Elliott
Entry (50mb)
9 - 08 Entry 8
Marshall Mills, Brian Davis, and Devon Peet
Entry (50mb)
High Definition (YouTube)
Down In Front Logo Judges' Commentary
Down In Front
Teague Chrystie, Eddie Doty, Brian Finifter, Michael "Dorkman" Scott, Trey Stokes, and Ryan Wieber
Video (YouTube)
LCC 9 Bumper Judging Bumper
Ricardo Elliot
Video (3mb)
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